Learning to find out a Networks active IPs using Mac’s terminal

To check in the current network for surrounding devices’ IP addresses I learned to use the command line in my Mac’s terminal

Open terminal

Hit cmd + space to launch Spotlight, type terminal and hit enter.

Check for my own IP

I type the following command and hit enter.

ifconfig | grep broadcast

ifconfig itself will provide detailed information about my computer in the network.

grep broadcast isolates the necessary info from above and answers my IP address amongst info about the netmask (still gotta learn what that exactly is) and the broadcast (let’s say it is, so I can directly reach all devices in the 192.168.1.x area.

Check for my and other device’s IPs

I type and hit enter:

arp -a

arp with the argument -a will give me a list of devices surrounding me and their IPs.

Resources I’ve been using to learn this:




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