Learning to Disable Text Terminals From Blanking in Raspbian (Linux)


By now, I cannot confirm that this is really working… Sorry.

When developing on a Raspberry Pi I wanted to get rid of screen blanking when not touching the terminal for some time. To do so I had to change some settings in a config file as follows.

Edit config file in /etc/kbd/config

The directory etc is not shown when I use the ls command. I can enter it anyway using the cd command.

To edit the /etc/kbd/config I do as follows:

sudo nano /etc/kbd/conifg

sudo I need super user rights for being able to change this config file.
nano opens the config file in a text editor called nano.
/etc/kbd/config is the path to config file

Then I set values as follows (they will be found somewhere in the config file):


BLANK_TIME=0 disables the blanking.
POWERDOWN_TIME=0 disables the screen output to be powered off.

Resources I’ve been using to learn this


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